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Linton Custom Homes at 6/2A Peel Street in Mandurah, Western Australia

Linton Custom Homes in 6/2A Peel Street, Western Australia: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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6/2A Peel Street,
Mandurah, Western Australia
6210, Australia
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Phone: +61 8 9500 3460

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Reviews about Linton Custom Homes

  • hugh rae
    5 /5
    Hello All, I recently had a enclosure built to cover my swimming pool, and had some adjoining extensions to my house. Both jobs were done by Linton Construction and managed, supervised and hands on conducted by John Linton the owner of the company. Firstly the "enclosure" , completed in a black frame and tight mesh this structure has converted a pool which was always full of leaves, clogged filter basket and resulting deterioration in water quality and thus algae, and a mess that persisted for years, into what I really cant believe and have to go down repeatedly to see how wonderful it is. The water is sparkling clean, (we have even taken away the pool cleaner) and its like a posh hotel pool. We yet have to dress up the enclosure with some sparkly lights and a couple of small palms, but this investment in the enclosure has converted an absolute "eyesore area" into the best feature of the whole house. The HUGE bonus is that we are like most houses plagued with mosquitos every night, and now NONE. They cant get in, and we now head for the pool wine in hand. The "extensions" adjoined the pool and was actually a large concreted area at the rear of the garage used for whatever junk we wanted to hide out of sight. John put in a chipboard level floor and enclosed four construction pillars with glass and a wide double sliding glass doors over looking the pool area. This is stunning and whilst not yet carpeted or furnished will again be a centre point feature of the house. My wife and I are senior cits and over the years made some good and bad decisions, but this project was the best ever! John Linton was really the" jewel in the crown" of the project, never have I come across a contractor, builder, tradie, whatever he wants to be called who is so dedicated to a "perfect job". His attention to detail, work ethics, and reliability to his word is second to none, and on top of that he's not a bad bloke. Now I know all this sounds like a pretty good wrap, and your thinking this must be written by Johns mum or best mate, well not so I found Linton Construction on the same site your looking at now and one phone call later John called over, had a good look at what was proposed and gave me a quote. The whole job took about three months to complete, we shook hands and John went on his way. John also builds houses, I'm not familiar with those, but if the standards are the same one couldn't go wrong. When my enclosure is dressed up with a few plants I am going to send John some photos which he may use in his web site. If anyone would like to call over and have a look at my enclosure, feel free but you will have to call John and get my phone number.
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Linton Custom Homes is located at 6/2A Peel Street, Mandurah, Western Australia.